Orphan Andy’s – The Castro, San Francisco

Only a few things about America make sense to me.

1) Turning right on red
2) Hot sauce

It was Pride weekend. It was also 2am. I’d just spent 90min in a club watching 4 dudes dance to Cher in tiny blue booty shorts, and I was getting drunk-hungry (drungry? Yes? Yes.)

Getting drunk-hungry is the best. The calories consumed during these inebriated episodes are so satisfying. Though the wee morning hours don’t always provide great outlets for a satisfying meal… until now.

I was lucky enough to find myself at the only San Francisco institution that could satisfy my drunken, post-Cher, culinary cravings. It was Orphan Andy’s 24 hour Diner. And what did I order? A grilled cheese, with a side of mediocre pickles and a mouth full of leftover #pride glitter. Fuck yes.

grilled cheese and picklesA dinner of drungry fucking champions

This meal looks basic because it was. A grilled cheese with pickles isn’t exactly going to win a Michelin star anytime soon, but sometimes life isn’t about bougie food stars (and Pride weekend definitely isn’t). It’s about cheese. And mediocre pickles. Going in my belly. While I’m drunk.
The french fries didn’t hurt either.
I’m totally ok if American Diners are the USA’s only valuable offering to the world. This one was adorned with spectacular decor and the wait staff were hilariously unamused by the Pride weekend ruckus rolling through. But at least it made for a sweet Instagram story.
Pride makes everything look great
Find ’em on Yelp.¬†Give ’em some love. This place is a Castro institution and I look forward to my next drungy 2am visit.