What the hell, canned wine?

🥂So canned wine is a thing now?

Somehow I drank it on 3 separate occasions with absolutely no shame. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE 🤦‍♀️ My previous observations of canned wine have involved yelling and trash bins (people were in trash bins when it should have been the canned wine). Suffice to say, the Australian canned wine landscape was looking grim.

hand holding can

Maybe Australia just hadn’t caught up to can’o’wine sipping? I’m pleased to say that at the very least, the Bay Area has done what it does best and turned something from trash-bin to fridge-win.

This doesn’t mean that canned-wine drinking populous is oblivious to its preceding reputation. When I recently ordered some rosé with dinner at a respectable establishment, the waiter had to take a moment to choose his words… “Yes we have rosé, but… it’s in a can” he said, as if he had just informed me I need to drink it from a shoe. It’s possible at some point in time, drinking wine from a can was akin to drinking wine from a shoe, but lucky for this guy I was ready and willing pay for wine served in a chic and recyclable vessel.

These things are made for getting white-girl-wasted. Just look at that pink washed rose branding and matte aluminum feel. They even included fucking bubbles (!!!). I’m sure there are approximately zero straight dudes purchasing this stuff. Effervescence and equality work so well together 😑

Wino notes: With the exception of this rosé in shoe thing, it’s likely you’re drinking canned wine at a picnic or festival. Meaning, trashy day drinking has now been made a bit more bougie. Note, they can also fit in ‘stubbie holders’, or ‘koozies’ as y’all Americans call them? (I had to google this). Perfect for stealth drinking, an added bonus.

Canned wine is a thing now. Time to embrace it.