I might actually be a writer now, also check out my Instagram

I might actually be a writer now… in the sense that, I have been paid to have my words published on actual pieces of paper. Rather than, my ramblings just followed on the internet by people who haven’t seen any sunlight in three days.

That’s right folks, I wrote things and other people wanted to read it.

Beat Eats Magazine in Melbourne have published two of my articles. Neither of them are *specific* to food, instead they’re about Tinder dates and being hungover, two very regular experiences for most Melbournians aged 17+.

You can read them right here. I’m on page 16 & 22. I hope you have a laugh.

For now, please enjoy my serious face (I’m eating Ben & Jerry’s on Haight St and it’s hot) :



Occupie Fitzroy is now on Instagram! Huzzah! I was reluctant to take on yet another account (I currently manage 3) but I figured I should be embracing this smart phone-foodie revolution so that you can follow my food experiences and my face IN REAL TIME. You can check it out right here. There’s currently nothing on it but that will change soon.