This is Occupie Fitzroy!

Hey hey!

Welcome to Occupie Fitzroy (pun completely intended).

Occupie Fitzroy is a food blog. I plan to visit every bar/restaurant/cafe in the Fitzroy/Collingwood area, and write about these experiences. Melbourne’s inner-north is known for some fucking cool bars and cafes, perfect to stumble into from the 86 tram when you’re so hungover (like the song says). So I’m going to check all of them out, and rant about it here.

Alongside my general observations of food quality and hipster cred, I will be using a series of metrics on which to judge each Occupie location:

  • DBI (Door to Beard Index)- The number of steps it takes before one is presented with an incredibly fierce beard.
  • Coffee Snob Rating- A rating on how much their coffee doesn’t suck.
  • Noms!- Is their food nom-worthy?
  • How Poor Will It Make Me?– The damage to one’s presumably struggling bank account.

Metrics may change according to location and creativity.

And so it begins. Stay tuned lovers!


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