The Cornish Arms Hotel, Brunswick

The Cornish Arms in Brunswick is the first pub I’ve visited on behalf of Occupie Fitzroy. It’s the first Brunswick venue I’m blogging about. It also has a balls-awesome vegetarian menu. Everything is exciting.

I originally visited the Cornish Arms some years ago amidst a bad acid trip and to see my friend’s angry grunge band. Needless to say, the experience was unpleasant. I’m now extremely grateful to have forged some new memories of this classic venue.

This place is a really nice break from the wankery (and prices) of many Fitzroy venues. I’ve started frequenting the Cornish Arms every Monday night with a band of vegan-parma devotees and cider-holics, and I’m pretty excited to be spending regular hang times here. The place is chilled out and unpretentious, which is what you should be looking for on a Monday night. They have an impressive menu of vegetarian/vegan parmas and burgers, all at the finance-friendly price of $12. And they have cider. So no matter what, this place is either going to be good, great or amazing.

cornish arms 01

This is now my Monday night dinner. Noms.

*I know* it may just look like a typical pub meal, but nay! This be a mushroom and haloumi burger, the dinner of gods! And some chips (because every Monday night must include 2 cholesterol points). I would be happy to eat this every week for all of eternity. However I’m already feeling that pang of regret for having discovered this wonderous dish so early on in my exploration of the menu, because now I’m never going to order anything else. Woe.

cornish arms 03This is Nikki enjoying her mushroom burger and being a total gangsta.

The only thing almost (but not quite) as good as the mushroom burner and chips, is that every Monday night is an open mic night. Some open mic nights can be hit or miss, but this one involves a Shakespearean stringed instrument, and a guy who dances to his synthesiser. This place is pure, indulgent, north-side bliss.

cornish arms 02 AKA Lord of the Dance, this guy is a total badass.

Occupie Metrics:
Door to Beard Index: When I say this place is unpretentious, what I really mean is every kind of beard can be seen. Beards on hipsters, ageing alcoholics, north-side family men. Brunswick is diverse, thus the beards are varied and plentiful.

Beer: They have it.

Noms: SO GOOD. Apparently their vegan parmas are amazeballs but faux chicken weirds me out.

How poor will it make me? A full Monday night belly will cost you around $22 (burger and pint). Goes alright in my books (and my blog).



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