Arcadia- Gertrude St

I’ve been so slack! It’s almost been two weeks since I wrote about the culinary delights of the North Side, but I’ve been busy with things like my birthday, and #YOLOing that shit up.

But whatever, I need to write about Arcadia before it fades back into my memories of the Gertrude St charm. This was an exciting encounter, because I finally ordered MOTHERFUCKING AVOCADO SMASH (mah faaav).

arcadia 01

Avocado Smash. Note, the lack of chunks.

For those who don’t know, my standards for Avo Smash are lofty.  I usually prefer goats cheese, but feta is also pretty amaze, and there needs to be an egg included.

At most cafes, they will charge at least $2.50 just to put an egg in some water and serve it to you (seriously, fuck that shit), and unfortunately Arcadia was no exception. They also really seemed to take the term ‘Avo Smash’ and run with it, because I ended up with Avo Puree. This puree also included the goats cheese, so it was really just a tasty, green paste on toast. This is by no means a bad thing, and it was still delicious and I still felt satisfied. But I’m a gal who likes her avocado chunky and her goats cheese crumbly. Not blended into baby food.

arcadia 02

It required its own point of view shot.

The slight discontent really just comes down to personal preference, and I can’t really fault Arcadia on anything else. Their coffee was absolutely tops, and amidst some epic brunch-envy, I managed to snag a bite of Chloe’s banana bread with vanilla flavoured ricotta cheese.

arcadia 03

Everyone should try this place. It was cool and cosy. A couple decided to sit inappropriately close to us, considering how many empty tables there were. So we decided to engage in inappropriate discussion on how stressful our work weeks had been, and our party plans for the weekend that involved moustaches.

Occupie Metrics:
Door to Beard Index:  I don’t know, this metric is partly dependent on my willingness to engage with people and not just sit in a corner because I’m feeling grumpy.

Coffee: It’s hard to judge coffee when you continually drink good coffee. This one was still amazeballs.

Noms: Really decent. They just have a different style of Avo Smash, and that’s ok.

How poor will it make me? It’s Fitzroy and Gertrude St. Think about it.

Final thoughts: I’d go back there.

Check out their Facebook page right here!


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