Check out my face.

Before we continue, I think I should introduce myself.

My name is Madeline, I’m a 24yr old Melbourne native and I like to dance.

This is me, enjoying a tea party:

tea party01

Stuff I like:

  • Living in Melbourne, when I’m not getting rained on or fined for fare evading.
  • My job (I know, right?).
  • Boston terriers.
  • Tutus.
  • Burning Man, and other festivals of that persuasion.

My favourite meal right now (and the one I keep chasing) is avocado smash on crusty bread with goats cheese and possibly a poached egg on top. But I don’t mean to be too specific. I like most things so long as they have no meat and plenty of garlic. I’m a former coffee addict but prefer a soy chai these days as it doesn’t make me feel crazy. I’ve lived in Melbourne’s inner-north for a year now. A glass of red is my drink of choice and life treats me pretty well.

This is the blog I like to keep so I can spread the word on my (hopefully) amazing culinary experiences.



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